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THECOELYNGROUP is one of America’s leading retainer-compensated boutique executive search consultancy firms. The Firm is strictly dedicated to the practice of executive search consultancy for clients in Healthcare and Life Sciences. With headquarters in Irvine, California and offices strategically located in Dallas, Philadelphia, San Francisco and San Diego, The Coelyn Group provides well more than a decade of experience and professionalism with a passion for delivering exemplary executive search outcomes.


The Firm was founded by Ronald H. Coelyn in 1992 along with one of his partners, Lynn S. Nishimoto.  The firm's mission is to bring the same quality of executive search consultancy to a boutique firm that he and they practiced while at SpencerStuart, one of the world's preeminent global executive search firms. Through the years The Coelyn Group has limited both the size of the Firm and the amount of work it does, so that Ron can personally lead each and every assignment and avoid all potential issues caused by conflicting loyalty to another client in the same industry.




The very core of our expertise lies in identifying and recruiting truly superior chief executive officer ("CEO") level candidates who possess exemplary credentials. Our dedicated team of senior consultants utilizes all of their mental keenness, discerning judgment, broad and deep candidate networks to find the most qualified leaders for our tempestuous times, i.e., executives who have taken leadership to the highest level.


In addition to our Board and CEO practices we are able to leverage our Firm's candidate networks and time-proven executive search process to provide the highest level of service in the recruitment of the CEO's first level of direct reports. Recruiting individuals with an innate sense of the elements and unerring technical skills is imperative.  These are "impact" level positions, crucial to our clients' ability to achieve viable and sustainable competitive outcomes.r cpacer


We pride ourselves on recruiting for Corporate Boards of Directors of both public and private companies in Healthcare and Life Sciences. Providing real leadership solutions in evolving matters such as corporate governance, the functional interpretation of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, the role of a Lead Director, etc. is mission critical. Corporate Directors today need to be unshakable, self-reliant, and comfortable in the spotlight of public scrutiny.spac

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